Condemnations galore over burning of BSEM prescribed text books
AISF decries burning of BSEM text books
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, Jul 11: Terming it as anti-State, All India Students' Federation (AISF), Manipur State Council has strongly condemned the burning of text books prescribed by Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM) in the four Naga inhabited hill districts of Manipur yesterday.

The State Government should take up prompt action to contain such anti-State stand instead of maintaining a stoic silence, otherwise, the people of Manipur will not remain mere spectators if such text books burning spree continue, secretary of the student body Kh Inaobi said.

Addressing a press conference at Irabot Bhavan here this afternoon, Inaobi said yesterday's incident of confiscation of text books prescribed by BSEM by ANSAM and some of its associated bodies and consigning them to flame should not be taken lightly.

The people of Manipur as a whole should understand the meaning behind such an anti-State act and condemn it in the strongest term, he said.

Questioning how ANSAM and its associated bodies are thinking of achieving Naga unification by setting the text books on fire even if it is a part of the non-cooperation movement being launched in pursuit of its demand, Inaobi pointed out that such extreme measure will only cause more miseries to the students of the hill districts.

When enquired about the counter-measure to be taken up by AISF if the text books burning spree continues, the student activist said it should be the collective responsibility of all the people of Manipur to bring an end to this ugly episode and save the integrity of Manipur and text books prescribed by BSEM.

Observing that a serious threat would be posed to the integrity of Manipur if ANSAM and its associated bodies are left unbridled and allowed to go ahead with burning more text books, the student activist flayed the Govt over its alleged failure on taking up pre-emptive measures, despite having full knowledge of it.

'We are living in a democratic country does not meant that one can do anything', he said, wondering what is the meaning of having a Government if it is going to remain silent even in the face of some anti-social elements hell bent on tearing apart the social fabric of Manipur.

Inaobi further observed that Government of Nagaland should not encourage adoption of text books of Nagaland Board in the interest of maintaining cordial relationship between the two neighbouring States.

MLA L Ibomcha; All Manipur Government Higher Secondary Lecturers' Welfare Association; National Students' Union of India, Manipur; Proletariat People's Welfare Organisation, Khurai Lamlong; Students' Federation of India, Manipur State Committee, etc have also come out strongly against the burning of the text books prescribed by the Manipur Board.

MLA Ibomcha described it as not just burning of the burning but torching the integrity of Manipur.

All Manipur Government Higher Secondary Lecturers' Welfare Association said the culture of setting aflame books and public properties is not sign of development.

State Unit NSUI stated nothing could be more harmful and unfortunate than confiscating text books and setting them on fire for the student community.

SFI, Manipur State Council said after the burning down of the State Central Library during the Mayek agitation, yesterday's incident of burning text books in the four hill districts of Manipur has once again made the world to laugh at the foolishness of the Manipuri people.