Vehicle owners, drivers resolve not to ply NH-39
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 11 2010: Transporters' Drivers' Council, an apex body of transporters, truck and inter-state bus owners and drivers today resolved not to ply the Imphal-Dimapur section of the NH-39 until the governments of Manipur, Nagaland and the Centre deal effectively with the diktats of some non-governmental organisations.

"We are not satisfied with the control of the NH-39 by NGOs when they force us to stop whenever they like, and the governments remain as silent spectators without taking up any action against the diktats of the NGOs," chairman of the Council, H Ranjit told reporters after a meeting of the Council today.

The chairman who presided over the meeting said that the meeting unanimously drafted a five-point resolution including not to ply trucks on the Imphal-Dimapur section of the NH-39 until government takes up all safety measures on this stretch of the highway where some NGOs are controlling.

Government should check the activities of the NGOs interfering in the normal plying of the trucks.

Truckers are not happy when these NGOs blocked the highway whenever they want.

Government should take up appropriate action to stop diktat on the highways, he demanded.

General secretary, Ng Haridas said that the meeting thoroughly discussed the harassment and atrocities meting out to the drivers and truckers on the stretch of NH-39 .

Drivers are receiving untold difficulties for the last many years.

Government failed to take up any long term measures to end such untold miseries of the drivers despite repeated plea, he lamented.

"We are not happy when they stopped plying on the highway whenever some UGOs and underground outfits ordered them and start plying when they plea.

We will not ply on this route until government defused such activities and ensured safety measures for the truckers on the highway, he announced declaring the stand of the drivers, transporters and owners of the vehicle in the meeting.

Government of Manipur and Nagaland should control collection of innumerable "illegal taxes" by the underground elements on the highway.

Until the two governments give assurance to truckers for effective measures for free from all sort of extortions, the council resolved not to ply on this route, Ranjit said.

They also demanded that the collection unreasonable entry fees and other taxes by the security forces and police at different places of the highway should also be stopped.

If any of the inter-state bus or truck happened to violate the decision taken by the meeting, any untoward incident happen on them will be their own responsible.

The council has decided not to take any risk for them, Ranjit said adding that a copy of the resolution will be submitted to the state Chief Minister.