UNLF imposes total ban on LS polls
Warns against violating diktats, urges people to extend support

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, April 06: Imposing a total ban on the forthcoming 14th Lok Sabha polls in Manipur, United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has appealed to the people to boycott the polls and help in furthering the cause of the revolutionaries.

In a statement, assistant secretary (publicity) central committee secretariat UNLF stated that the party had to take the decision so as to highlight the correct stand of the liberation struggle in the present political scenario in Manipur.

It further appealed to the people to support its stand and take an active part in keeping the liberation struggle in the correct perspective as now is the time to show to the outside world that the people of Manipur have rejected the Indian Colonial Rule by boycotting the Indian Parliamentary polls.

It also announced that all activities connected with the forthcoming Indian parliamentary elections like holding election meetings, canvassing, campaigning, flag hoisting etc should be stopped with immediate effect and added that anyone violating the diktat of the party will be given severe punishment.

Inspite of attaining its independence 55 years ago, the Indian Govt has neither done anything concrete to develop the State's economy nor brought development in the State and instead has increased human rights violation by imposing numerous draconian laws in the name of counter insurgency, rued the statement.

Even though India is considered to be the largest democratic country in the world, the worst forms of human rights violation are being committed in Manipur behind the veils of democracy, asserted the statement and added that it is absolutely meaningless for the people to participate in the Indian polls under such circumstances.

Stating that participating in the upcoming polls would tantamount to selling off our fundamental rights or surrendering ourselves to the diktats of the colonial rulers, it reiterated that the polls is an opportunity for the people to show to the world that the people of Manipur are very much against the Indian rule and therefore urged the people not to waste the opportunity.

Asserting that all the politicians except for some very few have all been drawn into the vortex of corruption inherent in the Indian system, it said that political parties do not make any difference to the people of Manipur as all of them function under the Indian colonial rule by working as agents of Indian Govt who have been unleashed to carry out their sinister designs.