Naobi's issue rocks State Assembly
What would happen if the same thing had happened to the child of the CM : Nimaichand

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 01: Categorically stating that placing five police commandos under suspension and ordering a Magisterial Inquiry to probe the allegations raised by M Naobi Chanu is akin to hoodwinking the public, MPP Legislature leader Dr Nimaichand Luwang today said if the commandos are found guilty then suspension will not do and demanded more stringent punishment.

Participating in a Short Duration Discussion on the floor of the Assembly today, Dr Luwang said that in Manipur no inquiry has come to its logical conclusion and as such the public have lost faith in such inquiry.

In an emotional tone, the MLA questioned how they would feel if what happened to Naobi at the hands of police commandos were to happen to the daughter of the Chief Minister or any of the MLAs' children.

The excesses of the police commandos and the manner in which the feminine modesty of Naobi was violated in custody is revolting said the MLA and added that a few of the police commandos have tarnished the image of the State force.

Stripping the girl naked, making her kneel down and lie down on the road and ordering her around is something which is condemnable in the strongest word, said Dr Luwang and added "I do not have the words strong enough in my dictionary to condemn the incident." The people of Manipur are yet to overcome the trauma of Th Manorama and a similar act being perpetrated by the State force is something which is hard to digest, he observed.

The incident has also adversely affected a large number of people, said the MLA and recalled the torching of some Government offices and the inability of some candidates to sit for the HSLC and HSSLC examination due to the sudden imposition of the general strike.

The situation has become all that more complex now with the Apunba Lup joining the agitation, said Dr Nimaichand Luwang.

On the other hand the aunty of Naobi, Apabi has threatened to commit suicide if the guilty police commandos are not produced before the people, added the MLA.

Taking pot shots at the SPF Government, the MLA said that past experiences have taught that the Government has never reacted on time whenever a crisis comes knocking.

The Government only wakes up when the situation has taken a turn for the worst, he added and asked the Government to do all it can to ensure that the case of Naobi does not burn Manipur.

If needed the Opposition can also help in tackling the crisis, offered the MLA.

Echoing the sentiments of the people, the MLA said that the public will not be calmed by placing some police commandos under suspension.

At the moment the demand of the people is the dismissal of the guilty commandos and the resignation of the Chief Minister.

Later this demand can snow ball into a demand for the mass resignation of all the MLAs, he observed.

Taking the situation into consideration, Dr Luwang suggested that all the MLAs resign forthwith and seek a fresh mandate from the people.

The report of the medical test conducted on Naobi should also be placed before the Assembly, demanded the MLA.

The Short Duration Discussion on Naobi was suggested by Speaker Dr Maniruddin Sheikh as MLA O Joy moved an adjournment motion on the issue while simultaneously, FPM MLAs, S Ibohal and L Ibomcha moved a call attention motion on the same subject.

Earlier O Joy pointed out that Naobi was picked up by the commandos by flouting all laws.

This was human rights violation, he added.

The conduct of the police commandos suggested that Manipur is being governed by the police and the Army, said the MPP MLA and added that since there is a popular Government in place, no efforts should be spared to check the conduct of the security personnel.

Questioning why Naobi was picked without any women police, Joy said that the conduct of the police commandos showed that they are under the impression that they can pick up any woman they want.

The 10 police custody of Naobi was also unprecedented, added O Joy.

MLA Ibomcha urged the Government to place the order issued for the Magisterial Inquiry in the Assembly and added that the inquiry ordered by the Government cannot hold good in the eyes of the law.

To really get to the bottom of the matter, what is needed is the registration of an FIR and a Judicial Inquiry, said Ibomcha.

Or the case may also be handed over to the CBI, he added.

MLA S Ibohal urged the Government to take up fitting action so that such an ugly incident does not recur.

MLAs M Nilachandra and M Bhorot also took part in the discussion.