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      200l - 2004 Poll Results
  10th June - 02nd July 2004 Poll
     Sharmila has taken up a fast unto death movement from Nov 2, 2000 demanding removal of
     Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 from Manipur. Do you think it has caught the attention of national media?
  14th May - 10th June 2004 Poll
     ‘Do you think the people of Manipur elected Dr. T Meinya of the Congress as our MP,
      who can take up Manipur’s various issues with the Centre effectively?
  8th April - 13th May 2004 Poll
     ‘In the upcoming election, candidates should be elected on the basis of the views they hold on issues,
      rather than on basis of the amount of money they distribute amongst the voters’. Do you agree?
  19th Mar - 07th Apr 2004 Poll
     Who is responsible for the long delay in shifting of security forces from Kangla?
  1st Mar - 18th Apr 2004 Poll
     "Rs 580.27 Cr deficit budget presented on Feb 27, 2004" - Manipur Mail. Do you think the Ibobi's Govt
      of Manipur is doing its best to balance the budget in its tenure?
  17th - 29th Feb 2004 Poll
     Government is ready to negotiate for talks (with various UGs) in a third country: CM. Do you agree that
      this suggestion by the CM is a good icebreaker to start dialogue with various UG groups of Manipur?
  04th - 16th Feb 2004 Poll
     "To prevent young boys and girls from going astray on Valentine’s Day,
     Manipur Forward Youth Front (MAFYF) has proposedfor closing down all the restaurants, tourist centres,
     war cemetery and BOAT on February 14." Do you think this is a good idea?
  20th Jan - 03rd Feb 2004 Poll
     Do you support the proposed renovation and construction of multi-storeyed Ima Keithel
     at the Khwairamband bazar by the Govt. of Manipur?
  01st Jan - 19th Jan 2004 Poll
     Anti-Defection Bill becoming an Act in Manipur"
     Would this help Manipur in having a stable political Government?
  21st Nov - 31 Dec 2003 Poll
     How do you feel about Ibobi's Government handling of Baby Elizabeth case?
  21st Oct - 20 Nov 2003 Poll
     Shija Hospital conducts silicon breast implantation successfully - TSE.
     Do you think that cosmetic surgery should be promoted in Manipur?
  5th Sep - 20th Oct 2003 Poll
     DST proposed rules, which would make it mandatory for cyber cafés to permit only those users
     having a photo-identity to access the internet from their cafes - Sangai Express. Do you concur?
  27th Aug - 04th Sep 2003 Poll
     With nearly 6000 social organizations in the hills and the valley of Manipur state,
     2 or 3 members in a family can be involved in one or the other organization
     - Manipur Mail. Is this trend helpful for Manipur
  28th July - 26th Aug 2003 Poll
     Senapati District Christian Forum has resolutely stated that the policy
     of the State Govt to lift prohibition in the hill areas is an open attack to the hill people
     particularly the Christians communities of all denomination. Do you concur?
  11th July - 27th July 2003 Poll
     "If and when the insurgent outfits give a positive response for talks, lifting of AFSPA can
     be announced" - CM Ibobi in Assembly 2003 - Do you concur with
     CM that only after insurgent outfits positive response should AFSPA can be removed?
  2nd July - 10th July 2003 Poll
     "Census report (2001) of the 3 hill districts of Manipur shows a big rise in its
     population in the last ten years" - Do you think the Census in these 3 hill
     districts should be conducted once again?
  12th June - 01st July 2003 Poll
     How do you feel was the governance under Governor Ved Prakash Marwah?
  06th - 12th June 2003 Poll
     The Sericulture project under financial assistance of Japan will be one of the means to
     solve the unemployment problem of Manipur”: O Ibobi Singh. Do you concur with the CM’s statement?
  14th May- 05th June 2003 Poll
     Spiraling case of abducting Government officials and non-local individuals who visit Manipur
      - Who do you think is/are responsible for Manipur State Security?
  1st May- 13th May 2003 Poll
     Do you cherish old manipuri songs like "anouba jukki" and "sanaleibak manipur"?
  24th Apr- 30th Apr 2003 Poll
     Women groups in Manipur demand institution of a State Women Commission in an effort to fight the
     violence cases against the women community. Would you support the creation of a
     Women Commission?
  16th Apr- 23rd Apr 2003 Poll
     Who is responsible for the horrible condition and non quality control of the road maintenance
     in NH39 & NH53?
  08th Apr- 15th Apr 2003 Poll
     “Handloom industry is one of the most productive sources of income
     for a large section of families in Manipur and it is expected to become one of the
     largest industries in the State “ - Th Devendra - Commerce Minister. Do you agree with him?
  01st Apr- 07th Apr 2003 Poll
     Who is/are responsible for the inadequacy of teachers and doctors in hill areas?
  19th Feb- 12th Mar 2003 Poll
     "Taking serious note of the enormous assurances and failure to translate
     the same into work, AMUCO said the discriminatory attitude of the State Government will create
      chasm in the hill and valley relation." – TSE. Do you agree with AMUCO?
  06th - 18th Feb 2003 Poll
     "Fourteen heads of departments out of 23 and three deans of Manipur University
     have resigned today in the wake of appointment of Dr N Bijoy Singh as the new vice-chancellor
     of the varsity" - Manipur Mail. Do you support their resignation?
  24th Jan - 05th Feb 2003 Poll
     "If we just could establish the rule of law and work together, not only the process
     of development will get accelerated, fruits of development would reach all parts or the state,
     especially the interior areas."- Ved Marwah on Manipur. Do you agree?
  01st Jan - 23rd Jan 2003 Poll
     "Minister cracks whip against private practicing Doctors" - TSE. Is it ethical for a Govt. employed
     Doctor to work in a private clinic?
  13th Dec - 31st Dec 2002 Poll
     "Dr Nara addressing an occasion said that our performing art forms
     are under continuous attack from western culture art form diminishing day by day."
     Do you concur with this statement?
  26th Nov - 12th Dec 2002 Poll
     Manipur Human Rights Commission has asked the DGP to direct all SPs to cross check the
     operating systems of restaurants in their respective districts.
     MSF had earlier imposed ban on all restaurants. Will you support this issue?
  13th Nov - 25th Nov 2002 Poll
     "For the first time in the judicial history of Manipur, ever since it merged
     with the Indian Union in 1949, a man has been convicted and sentenced to death for murdering
     his mother in cold blood way back in 1982." Do you support this Death Penalty?
  31st Oct - 12th Nov 2002 Poll
     Do you think that Kut Festival is "losing it's original character which was based on cultural
     heritage and traditions of the forefathers" as stated by Thadou Kuki Students' Union, Manipur and
     the Thadou-Kuki Youth Cultural Team?
  18th - 30th Oct 2002 Poll
     Will you support the idea of introducing a common syllabus
     for both Government and private schools from class 1 to 5?
  04th - 17th Oct 2002 Poll
     Are you satisfied with the Govt. of Manipur handling in the wake of Piphema Incident to
     increase security in NH 39 & NH 53?
  28th - 03rd Oct 2002 Poll
     Will you support the proposal of Indian Airlines to hand over all flight
     operation activities at Imphal to private handling agent?
  13th - 27th Aug 2002 Poll
     What do you think is the main attribute to the delay in introducing Meitei Mayek in school in Manipur?
  31st July - 12th Aug 2002 Poll
     'Manipur's Maitis are claiming that Naga areas are part of Manipur since hundreds of years.
     How can you ignore that fact?' K Padmanabhaih to rediff. Do you agree with him?
  18th - 30th July 2002 Poll
     Manipur State government has identified agro-based industries, sericulture, handloom and
     handicrafts and tourism for investors. Do you think this is justified?
  08th - 17th July 2002 Poll
     Do you support the call by ruling MLAs to cancel recently announced
     results of the MPS/MCS recruitment test carried out by the MPSC in 1999?
  27th June - 07th July 2002 Poll
     Is it okay for a private association such as CATA in administering
     the censorship of Manipuri music videos on IC TV and SEEN TV?
  18th - 26th June 2002 Poll
     Do you think the lifting prohibition on the sale of Alcohol will be good for the economy of Manipur?
  08th - 17th June 2002 Poll
     What do u think is the reason for the dismal pass percentage of 21 % in HSLC 2002 Exam?
  01st - 07th June 2002 Poll
     What do you think about MSCP merger with Congress (INC)?
  25th - 31st May 2002 Poll
     Is Govt. of Manipur neglecting the Hill People?
  17th - 24th May 2002 Poll
     Do you think Government Technology College, Takyel will get approval
     for fresh batches from AICTE (All India Council of Technical Edn)?
  10th - 16th May 2002 Poll
     Do you support the boycott call for the SPF Govt by All Manipur Working Journalist Union (AMWJU)?
  23rd Apr - 09th May 2002 Poll
     How well has the SPF Govt in Manipur fared during its first 100 days governance?
  15th - 22nd Apr 2002 Poll
     'All UGs in NE India should be viewed equally' - Rishang Keishing ,
      Do you agree?
  4th - 14th Apr 2002 Poll
     ’Electing Rishang Keishing to the lone Rajya Sabha seat will be against the
     people's mandate’ : Prof. Kamei. Do you agree?
  23rd Mar - 03rd Apr 2002 Poll
     Do you think Centre is justified in stalling Wireless on Local Loop (WLL) mobile telephones in
     NE States?
  7th Mar - 22nd Mar 2002 Poll
     Do you agree that People of Manipur have voted for change in the recent Assembly Election?
  21st Feb - 06th Mar 2002 Poll
     How do you rate about the violence in the recently concluded 8th Assembly Election in Manipur?
  07th feb - 21st Feb 2002 Poll
     What do you think of this statement by BJP MP & MOS - Bijoya Chakravarty that "Constitution can be
     amended for peace return"
  30th Jan - 07th Feb 2002 Poll
     Do you think the State Government is justified in suspending Under Secretary of Education (S)
  22nd - 30th Jan 2002 Poll
     Do we need to implement proper building byelaws for Imphal city and a fresh thinking and
     implementation of a master plan?
  16th - 22nd Jan 2002 Poll
     Do you think there should be one more RS seat for Manipur as endorsed by MP Th. Chaoba?
  09th - 16th Jan 2002 Poll
     Traffic Police, Imphal has ruled that drivers of four wheeler vehicles have to wear seat belts.
     Is this justified?
  31st Dec 2001 - 09th Jan 2001 Poll
     Should cultivation of Ganja be legalized as demanded by the Villagers of Sadar Hills?
  Dec 12 - 31 Poll
     Do you think inclusion of human rights in syllabus of school and college curricula is required in
  Dec 05 - 12 Poll
     Should contents of the draft MoU for the controversial Tipaimukh project be placed before
     public for open debate and criticism?
  Nov 28 - Dec 05 Poll
     Do you think the condition of AIDS awareness & prevention to the people of Manipur has
  Nov 21 - 28 Poll
     Financial indiscipline led to fund crunch in NE region: Arun Shourie - Do you agree?
  Nov 14 - 21 Poll
     Do you think Strike in Manipur is a ...
  Nov 07 - 14 Poll
     The insurgency problem in NE could be solved only when Centre with support of State
     Governments enhance the living standard of the North Easterners with the development of
     transport and communication facilities - PA Sangma... Do you agree?
  Oct 31 - Nov 07 Poll
     Will the new law POTO be misuse in Manipur?
  October 24 - 31 Poll
     Are you happy with the PR administration in Manipur?
  October 17 - 24 Poll
     Should elections be held only after normalcy and social harmony has fully restored in the State?
  October 10 - 17 Poll
     Which is the best mode of transportation for Economic development of Manipur?
  October 03 - 10 Poll
     Is the strike by Journalist justified ?
  September 19 - 26 Poll
     Political Parties should not use Ceasefire as it's main election issue
  September 12 - 19 Poll
     Should UCM and Naga Organization hold talks
  September 05 - 12 Poll
     Should North East India have a different Time zone from the IST taking into account the difference
     in sun rise and sun set times?
  Aug 29 - Sep 05 Poll
     Do you think Kunjarani Devi is innocent?
  August 22 - 29 Poll
     Should MR (Manipur Rifles) be shifted to Taphou?
  August 15 - 22 Poll
     Should the VC of Manipur University be removed ?
  August 08 - 15 Poll
     Is Goverment of Manipur justified in banning two local cable TV networks ICTV & SEEN TV?
  August 01 - 08 Poll
     The people of Manipur deserves an honor for maintaining Communal Harmony
     during the recent month and half long agitation ?
  July 25 - Aug 01 Poll
     Is it justified that Naga Bodies have banned Manipur valley based papers "Sangai" & "Naharolgi
     Thoudang" in Senapati District of Manipur ?
  July 18 - 25 Poll
     The proposed Imphal-Mao Rally by AMCJAC would help bring together, people from the
     hills and the valley of Manipur thus paving a way for Peace and Brotherhood in Manipur?
  July 11 - 18 Poll
     Majority population, especially Meeteis have been ignoring the aspirations of the Nagas in Manipur.
  June 26 - 04 July Poll
     Do you think that Indian government will withdraw the extension of ceasefire to Manipur?
  June 20 - 26 Poll
     Manipur's outburst against the extension of ceasefire of NCSN(IM)
     into Manipur territory is justified?
  June 13 - 20 Poll
     Should not we use the term "Manipuri Nagas, Manipuri Mizos, Manipuri Muslims,
     Manipuri Kukis etc" to promote togetherness and identity amongst the
     different people groups of Manipur?
  June 6 - 13 Poll
     Will imposition of PR a good solution for the present political limbo?