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Globalisation and Green Party
- (My personal views) -

Ningombam Bupenda Meitei *

Globalisation is a big topic and I think we need to comparmentalise the topic into its related products like economy, environment, culture, terrorism, energy security, space security, etc. These are some of the sub topics which have been created for the sake of convenience.

I, earnestly feel that the time has come for the entire citizens of our planet, "The Earth" to wake up and start saving our mother Earth from so many attrocities. In this regard, I individually at an informal level share the same ethos with Green Peace, European Green Party (European Federation Green Parties) and UN plans for making the earth truely the "Green Planet".

The views given below are strictly personal and hence presumed to be appreciated intellectually only and if any debate is found to be necessary, then it would be of in the interest of the every mankind on the earth by subjecting to only in the topic which would be fit to be entertained by UNO, New York.

1) Economy :

I believe, Globalisation has brought Open Economy in today's world by breaking up the Closed Economy of so many socialist countries like India (India has a mixed economy) and even Communist countries like China recently, though Russia has some restrictions in its national economic policies compared to China or Vietnam or Cuba or Venezuela though they share the same political colour i,e. Communism with red in colour.

India is emerging as a developing nation in her economy in the world since its economice reforms in 1991 by Manmohan Singh, the then Finance Minister after the economic breakdown which was so high in VP Singh Govt. regime though the problem was a mere result of the decades old accumulation of so many economic problems of our nation since Independence right from Nehru's socialistic ideas which were inclined to that of Soviet and not to Chinese.

Globalisation has brought so called FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) to so many nations and in this process of searching cheap labour by the rich developed west nations, so many underdeveloped and developing economies are benifitted by giving employment and helping in furthering smoothly the foreign investment flow in the nation thereby increasing the external fundings which can only happen if that nation welcomes the rich countries and this is possible because of Globalisation.

2) Enviroment :

Globalisation though brings so many facilities like those found in London, Washington, Paris, Berlin or Singapore or Shanghai, it has not yet forgotten the effect of modern days' industrialisation and human intervention deliberately in our Environment which leads to a Climate Change in the entire climate of the earth.

Rich countries use oceans as their dustbin of nuclear wastes, they pollute the world and make the poor one to pay for them in the world economic bodies. UNO is unable to come down heavily on this Climate Change.

Even, Ban Ki Moon, UN Secy. Gen is personally doing to contain global warming due to increase in carbon dioxide emissions which lead to a new trade called "Carbon Trade", the only trade in which the carbon dioxide emmission rate is fixed for every nation recognised by UN and a nation can buy its shares from other nations by making them to reduce carbon emissions but it may not be an effective way.

President Bush who won two times and occupies the Capitol Hill was made possible also because of his electoral campaign that Republicans didn't believe in stating that global warming was not due to human activities instead the problem can be solved by using the technology with an increasingly high efficiency.

Lets see, Kyoto Protocol is also ending by 2012, so now UN is worried. The poor chap Al Gore who couldn't become US President got Nobel Prize this year in Peace for his campaign to save the planet from the Climate Change and now he is no more a poor chap, knowing this he cleared the doubt among the US media saying that he wouldn't be joining the coming US Presidential election.

3) Culture :

Globalisation has integrated the world into a small family like world but it has almost overlooked so many small and weak nations which have a strong civilisation thousands years back.

The world culture has been destroyed by the fast connectivity of media too in some sense. The people in the east seems to think that western lifestyle is better and the other side thinks in the same but opposite way.

US while attacking (Americans are against the invasion, Bush administration only has to be blamed in this regard) made sure to destroy the thousands years old Mesopotamian Civilisation by destroying some ancient monuments in Iraq and making so many old books and scriptures being stolen from some libraries.

Cultural revolution which used to be in Mao's time in China is also difficult in these days' world. The world has changed.

Today, we find Yoga classes in so many chapels and churches in the west though some Christian authorities has shown their dislike towards having those classes inside the church .

4) Terrorism :

I don't know how to define terrorists but my definition of terrorism is what laid down by the Security Council of UNO and indeed UN has the highest say in this. In fact, I being an Indian must be abide by the Constitution of India while dealing and defining this definition, so my definition is what Union Home Ministry says and which is also approved by the Parliament in New Delhi.

The White House did try hard and did get success in breaking down the USSR to Russia, though their own self created revolutionary i,e. Talibans who used to fight against Russians are now their deadliest enemy.

And now, US is targetting on Talibans by labelling them as the world's top-most enemy of any mankind on the earth. Kremlin too is also doing a lot to crack down so many elements like them in Chenchenya rebels in the past and at present (I don't know, we need KGB's declassified remark here).

In the countries which lie in the East Europe which were broken from the Soviet are now economicaly controlled by the American dollar.

So Globalisation which virtually makes us see that the West is humiliating the East and the Christians and Jews are doing a lot to erase Muslims and Muslims too do the same to their enemies.

But, why the innocent Jews, Christians and Muslims have to suffer for the sake of some political leaders?

In the process of Globalisation, these problems don't get stick to one place or region or some countries but do spread in the entire world, so where do humans find peace in future ....on Mars or on Moon?

Osama Bin Laden's family was a trade partner and close friend of Bush's family some decades back but now,why can't we see Bush Sir and Laden Sir having a cup of coffee together, so in politics, everything is fair in any case depending on who in the power politics says.

Well, Globalisation has brought the fundings of so many terrorists easy from foreign banks, each nation has a different thinking on terrorism. A terrorist of one's nation may be be a freedom fighter of another's nation, so who can say LTTE is a terrorist, if so then why UN is so slow and if so then, why Colombo doesn't agree to let the UN High Commission on Human Rights enter Sri Lanka and its Jaffna peninsula?

So, the world is engulfed in this world of black and white where innocent people don't know what is this black and what is this white.

5) Energy Security :

Globalisation was started from the western developed countries to also explore the cheap labour and their raw materials from the developing and underdeveloped economies but these days,the West particularly US and EU countries like England, France and Germany are not so much encouraging Globalisation that they used to do so in the past because their own citizen's employment oppoturnities have been snatched by the foreigners from the developed and underdeveloped nations like China, India in particular.

Even these days, British Indians are also joining the Tories (Conservative Party) leaving the Labour Party in England as stated by Lord Swaraj Paul, the Queen's Knight and also a member of the House of Lords in London, so we, Indians in England are no more having that past pre-conceived mindset of working and living in a labour class only.

Globalisation has led to cross Emmigrations and thus it affects the national security and the nationalism spirit in a good will of any country. EU is relunctant to give an entry to Turkey, the East EU is not so well absorbed in terms of EU's economic activities by their own Europeans in the west European developed countries and then why Globalisation?

For instance, the world is on the way to have energy crisis. Indo-US nuke deal has been put on hold due to the pressure of the Left.

The commoners think that its the deal of energy only, the corporate executives want to let this deal passed both in the Parliament and in the Congress and Senate mostly for thier economic business but the very fact (I share my ideas in consonance with the notions put up by the Left Parties with regard to the present ongoing Ind-US nuclear deal, though I am not a leftist.) is that we are forgetting that this deal also has a military deal, a strategic deal and a deal to subjugate our own nation to the authority of White House and Pentagon as their junior Partner.

It needs to be reminded at this crucial point of time that whosever went with Mr. Bush had gone, take Tony Blair, Shinzo Abe, the PMs of England and Japan respectively resigned due to the pressure from thier own party members and their main failure was their failure to pull out their troops from Iraq.

So, Globalisation has been brought out with some importance which is indeed very virtual in reality but seems real in its outlook and the only reason for this is, in the name of promoting globalisation, many nations are easy and are bound to be divided on the time and conditions bound basis to form a few military blocs, like a modern NATO and recent SCO (Shanghai Co-operation Organisation).

So, the world is worried and the international diplomats in UNO are having tough time to handle the world peace in Sri Lanka, Dafur, Congo, Angola, Rwanda, Myanmar and in some Latin American Countries.

This indeed has also been invented as an unnecessary but required blanket because of the differences in the political ideologies between democracy and communism forgetting that neither communism nor democracy is a commodity which can be sold or bought in the market of world's intellectuals.

6) Space Security :

Yes, as I m concerned I feel globalisation has brought the sense of unity in our planet today. If we see around in the world of our scientists, they work together and they share their results and they do collaborations while doing research.

In fact, to set up the largest laboratory in the world which is CERN, situated just northwest of Geneva on the border between France and Switzerland, 12 different signatories European countries grouped together and they built it in 1954 costing in billion dollars.

CERN is for particle physics which comes under the High Energy Physics and from that lab., what we are using "www" in our website was first invented there by one experimental particle physicist.

In fact, the world is witnessing the natural calamities like Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami besides strong earthquakes and big volcanoes, and for this we need pre - information technologies which can be used to share information about these happenings a few hours or a few minutes in advanced and in this process, because of globalisation, scientists from different countries do work together to exchange information and they produce the desired result also.

In the case of Interpol, the international police, this has been made possibly fast and efficient because of the arrival of the globisation, though different nations have different set up of laws and sometime, the International Court of Justice which is under UNO can't decide on some sensitive issues but in the process of interrogation, Interpol helps a lot not only from UN point of view but also for the requisite co-operation among the respective Ministries of the participating nations in the problem.

Again, we do talk about globalisation, we only think it is related to our planet. In fact, I was thinking of forming one party which is to be named as "Green Party", I used Green taken from the Earth , so I thought this party must address the future needs of our citizens of our planet and also to protect our planet from other planetary conflicts and aggressions in future.

For the time being, the main manifesto of this scientific party can be like tackling global warming and climate change, carbon trade even for every states in India too then, the Noth East India will get in billions dollars in this trade lobby but I, a poor chap am surprised to know and that is what I am sharing here with our intellectuals that in Europe, they have already formed "European Green Party"...its surprising(?) and again, in EU Parliament, we hear about their members discussing about the legislation of laws on Mars for future.

So where do we stay in future? Where Indians stay in future after a few hundreds years from today ?

I am skeptical about the fast running race of space travels and that too on a private basis costing a few million dollars for the rich private space travellers and programmes by so many nations.

From the dog, Laika, the 1st dog to go to space, we are now talking about sending humans to Mars and Moon, though Russia and US have sent their cosmonauts and astronauts respectively to the Moon.

I feel in future somewhere by 2050 or late 2090s, if humans start populating on Mars, then people on the Earth will be treated as a people of low economy with weak Science and Technology and the Earth is going to be colonised.

We must not forget that we, humans are so crazy about keeping others under our control. Lets see what will happen? What will happen if our Earth is attacked by some forces from outer space in future or in the near future? So we ,the people of our Earth must have Global Defence Mechanism.

And in this entire process, where do my lovely and great people from Manipur are and will be ? Where we, Indians stand and where we, the common and innocent people of this planet stand.

I pray to all of you that we must start working and doing something to save our mother Earth to bring her original life back in our Universe so that we all can co-exist happily on our "Green Planet".

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