Day 9 : Arambai show performance at Polo ground as part of Sangai Festival :: November 29 2015

Day 9 : Arambai show performed at Polo ground on 29th Nov 2015 as a part of Sangai Festival 2015

Arambai : It's a very deadly poisoned lethal flying weapon thrown by swinging /whirling after several times in the air with Devastating effects to an enemy or enemies with awesome speed and accuracy.

"Arambai" is a slightly heavier Iron Arrow Head, Poisoned and attached with feathers of Cock Tails (the tail feathers of the ingenious poultry i.e. the Cock and the Hen and especially the Cock's Feather) and also of other Birds' feathers along (Sometimes, not always) with a short rope tail.

This weapon can be use and is used both in frontal attack and while in retreat during a battle or war.

Picture Credit :: Shankar Khangembam