Marangwon (July won) at Kangkhui Khullen,  Mt Khorung :: 14th July 2018

Exploration of Kangkhui Khullen Mt. Khorung, Trekking Comeptition, Musical Evening on 14th July 2018, Organised by Khangkhui Khullen Tourism Development Organisation in collaboration with Khangkhui Khullen Student Union.

Khorung peak was set up by the Japanese forces to give a back fire to the Allied Forces the Maratha Regiment stationed at Harva Khangai hill top waiting for the Japanese army coming from Kazingmalung hill top of Pushing village. It was said to be at around 7-8 am in the morning of 11 March 1944 the allied forces greeted the Japanese with bombs and bullets while concentrating in heavy firings the Japanese forces forces started firing with bombs and bullets from Khorung hill top towards Harvakhangai hill that makes the allied forces buzzled n confused.

The war continued the whole day and night and on the next day, 12th march 1944, the allied forces retreated towards shangshak via thoubal river which is originated from this range. There was no other gunfight earlier and as such this was the first gun battle in indian soil and severe gun battle starts.

Hence khorung and Harva khangai was the first battle field in Indian or Naga soil.

Marangwon (July won) was first discovered growing here in 1958. It was only 60 years later that few travellers began trickling in to trek to this mountain and watch these flowers blossom.

Picture Credit :: Lamdamba Oinam