Mera Chaorel Houba at Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple , Haying Khongbal temple  :: 14 October 2015

Mera Chaorel Houba celebrated at Lainingthou Sanamahi temple, Haying Khongbal temple complex inside 1st MR complex on October 14 2015

The celebration kick started after sacred water was brought from Kangla to the temple complex by Amaiba and Amaibees (Meitei/Meetei priests and priestess) of Lainingthou Sanamahi temple, Thang-Ta artistes and cultural troupes.

The festival of Mera Chaorel Houba, which symbolizes rejuvenation of the age-old bond of the people of hills and valley

Picture Credit :: Shankar Khangembam