Ningol Chakouba and Thabal Chongba at Hinkal, Mysore  :: 29th October 2019

Ningol Chakouba and Thabal Chongba celebrated at Hinkal, Mysore at the residence of Dr. Iboyaima Ngaseppam (Emoinu Homestay) on 29th October 2019

Note from the Sender:
As celebrated every year in the interest of our traditional festival and a special one for the Meetei families, I am sending a few snaps taken during the "Ningol Chakouba and Thabal chongba" celebrated on 29.10.2019 at my residence (Emoinu Homestay, Hinkal, Mysore).

About 25 Meetei Ningols and more than 35 Pibas/boys who are studying in different colleges and university at Mysore had taken part in this traditional festival.

Such events may show that our culture and tradition is always with us wherever we stayed or stationed.

With warm regards,
Dr. Iboyaima Ngaseppam
Sr. Principal Scientist & Prof. AcSIR
CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore

The biggest festival of Manipur is Ningol Chakkouba every year (Hiyanggei gi 2 nini panba)

The Ningol Chakouba Festival is an outstanding social festival of the Manipuris

Picture Credit :: Dr. Iboyaima Ngaseppam