Langban Heitha Leithaba (tarpon) : For martyrs of Great June Uprising at Kekrupat :: September 07 2017

Langban Heitha Leithaba (tarpon) : Offering tribute to the martyrs of the Great June Uprising at Kekrupat Memorial Complex on September 07 2017 ; Organized by United Committee Manipur (UCM).

About The Great June Uprising: This date made it to the pages of the history of modern Manipur , when the people rose as one on June 18 2001, took to the streets and literally turned to ashes the offices of a good number of political parties to protest the Bangkok Declaration of June 14, 2001 which rendered the cease fire pact between the Centre and the NSCN (IM) as a pact not bounded by any territorial limits. There were no hazy points here. June 18, 2001 was a demonstration that Manipur's territorial integrity cannot be compromised at any cost and the death of 18 persons in police firing on that day, fourteen years back, has come to serve as the rallying point for the pro-Manipur integrity group

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Photo Credit :: Shanker Khangembam