COVID-19 :: 5th Ration Distribution for Manipuri Diaspora at Benguluru :: 2nd May 2020

COVID 19 - 5th Ration Distribution for Manipuri Diaspora at Indiranagar and Banaswadi, Benguluru on 02nd May 2020 , organized by MDB (Manipuri Diaspora Bengaluru)

From the Organizer (MDB)
We had two distributions on 2nd May 2020 - Indiranagar as the 1st spot for day and Banaswadi as the second spot. We were privileged to have few dignitaries from Prestige Group in our distribution at Indiranagar.

As always, distribution day happens to be more a blessed day than the rest of the days during these lockdowns because the smiles on our people's face and their untroubled essence remain pictured. We are certain that their wishful and silent prayers will remain a blessing to Sunbird Trust and its team and all the donors. MDB's sincerest gratitude and respect to Sunbird Trust for helping entire Manipur people wholeheartedly when all things around us are at dismal.

MDB would like to extend special thanks to DCP East, Dr. Sharanappa, Halasuru Police Inspector & team, Banaswadi Police Inspector & team, and K.G. Halli Police & team for their timely support.

MDB in collaboration with Sunbird Trust had distributed more than 814 bags of rice (25 Kg per bag), 5716 Litres of cooking oil, 3511 Kg of Dal, 923 packets of salt, (+Sugar, Tea Leaf, Chilli Powder, Potatoes, Onions, etc) until date.

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Picture Credit :: Manipuri Diaspora Bengaluru