Stone stuctures at Willong Khullen, 39 kms from Maram in Manipur :: 4th June, 2018

Willong Khullen is located at about 39 kms from Maram, a small village in Manipur, could hold such a significant wonder that is on the same lines as the Stonehenge.

This exceptionally intriguing monument is sadly not known by the locals of Manipur apart from those living in the villages around Willong.

There are massive blocks of rocks many towering over 10 feet and a few over 1 meter wide. There are a total of approx 135 pillars there. And surprisingly, ironically as well, the road seems to be in a better condition than the erstwhile NH39.

The ancestors are to be believed, the stones talk to each other at night and each stone has a name.

According to them, only a man with great strength and power can think of erecting a stone. Before erecting a stone, he has to fast the whole night and perform a ritual of offering wine to the stone.

Picture taken on 4th June, 2018

Picture Credit :: Lamdamba Oinam