Ziumi village, located about 76 Kilometers from Maram Bazaar :: July 2017

Ziumi village is a small hamlet belonging to Liangmei Tribe of the Zeliangrong community and located at about 76 Kilometers from Maram Bazaar. (Picture taken on second week of July 2017)

The village has not seen electricity and the same goes for the neighbouring villages.

None of the villagers of the Ziumi village today hardly knows when the village came into existence they disclosed that initially it existed as Thuiyang Village and now it is known by a new name Ziumi (or Ziumi/Thuiyang).

The village also holds a significance historically on religious aspect of the Zeliangrong community as it is the birth place of the "Heraka" an indigenous religion of the Zeliangrong Community, pioneered by Rani Gaidinlu the late freedom fighter.

The villagers using pine stick as lighting system and then Kerosene to Candle but never seen electricity for decades until today.

This village (Ziumi) is over 40 years old.

Picture Credit :: Lamdamba Oinam