A Community Flower Plantation programme at Chingmeirong, Imphal :: September 11 2016

A Community Flower Plantation programme at Chingmeirong, Imphal on September 11 2016 ; Organized by Blooming Manipur

Press Release from Organizers
Amazing Green activist brings families and neighbours together by supporting community gardening at a Leikai with many blooming flowers !!!

In one that has happen for the first time in our land , green activist of 'Lets paint the earth green' collected flowers from their own homes and their own nurseries and undertook a community gardening event in the leirak and around a Pukhri / pond of Chingmeirong .

This kind and generous green activist have been impressed by the few humble gardening activities in public spaces at Chingmeirong Maning Leikai and have taken the opportunity to show their support with many blooming beautiful flowers and share their vision for a land of ours which are filled with trees and flowers .

Their kind acts and the gardening activities brought many neighbours and families together, building a vital community spirit which gave many moments to cherish for the Leikai residents .

We are extremely touched and share our utmost gratitude to these amazing people and strongly believed their humble efforts would cover many areas of our land and thus giving a soul to the many barren areas .

We hope with such massive encouragement and support that we would be able to undertake similar gardening in another part of the Leikai in the near future and bringing the Leikai together and transforming a part of the Leikai in the process .

Loving where we live !!!

Picture Courtesy :: Dr Bishwajeet Elangbam - Blooming Manipur