Rih-Ngai ritual festival at Kakhulong Kabui Khul, Imphal :: February 2021

Rih-ngai ritual festival was held at Kakhulong Kabui Khul, Imphal in February 2021 .

Rih-ngai is one of the important ritual festivals of Zeliangrong. Every household of the village prepare all the requirements such as food and drink (rice beer) for the festival. Usually, a formal announcement is made by an elder of Pei (village council) for preparation of the festival.

Rih-ngai festival opens with a ritual called Gucheng Phaimei, ginger offering at the abode of village presiding deity (Bambu) not to occur any untoward incidents in the festival. With this they renounce the usual and daily function, and turn to the festival; it is observed only within the parameter of the village.

The opening rite is followed by a number of rituals. There are rites of purification and cleansing by means of fire, water (Maithan Duithan Lamei) or expulsion of some sort of evil and negative out of the village community.

Picture Credit :: Sangaipu Maringmei