Sajibu Cheiraoba and Thabal chongba celebrated at Hinkal, Mysore, Karnataka :: April 06 2019

Sajibu Cheiraoba and Thabal chongba, traditional festival and a special one for the Meetei families, celebrated at Hinkal, Mysore, Karnataka on April 06 2019 .

Dr. Iboyaima Ngaseppam's message :
This time, Manipuri boys & girls mainly from Central Agricultural University, Imphal & Sikkim and other university who are doing their In-plant Training (B.Tech) at CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore had taken part in the traditional festival.

In addition to this a few Manipuri families and PhD scholar were also participated. Students from Mysore were absent this time due to their exams.

Such events may show that our culture and tradition is always with us wherever we stayed or stationed.

Photo Credit :: Dr. Iboyaima Ngaseppam