Fashion Show at 1st Lamklai Kummoi (Pre-harvest festival of Maring) at Sandang Senba, Senapati :: 20 October 2018

Fashion Show ( and Night Entertainment Program) : 1st Lamklai Kummoi 2018, (Pre-harvest festival of Maring), held at Sandang Senba Village, Senapati District on 20th October 2018 under the theme "Culture and Identity is our Pride".

Lamklai festival is the annual biggest of Maring Tribe since time memorial and have been practices till now. The festival is to provide a common platform to explore the Maring's traditions, culture, customs, attires and others.

Earlier, the festival was celebrated in the village level but from this year, MUA with great hope and motive to organize the festival in fancy fare in grand way so that each and every individual can participate in the festival.

Picture Credit :: Lamdamba Oinam