Kerala Fashion League 2015 featuring  Robert Naorem at Crown Plaza Hotel, Kochi :: June 3 2015

Kerala Fashion League 2015 : Held at Crown Plaza, a 5 star hotel in kochin on June 3 2015, one the biggest show in history of Kerala showcasing 17 renowned designer of the country.
The show was organised to support the cause of women empowerment & to help the below poverty line children for education & foods.

Robert Naorem also support the cause by showcasing the clothes under the theme " A Tribute To The People Of Northeast .. Love & Peace Collection which showcase shirt made out of khudei matek ( handloom fabrics of manipur) and the show stopper Miss India Universe 2014 Noyonitha adorned in Rani Phi Black and Loirang Mayek Naiba, a typical handloom outfit design by Robert Naorem. People catch the eye of outfit by noyonitha and lots of orders been given by the kerela a land with lots of similar culture with manipur which wear half saree...........lots of media attention focus on Noyonitha wearing the traditional design of manipur.......and a male model from Manipur also participated in the grand fashion event taking fahsion forward Arambam Vikram Singh from Keishampat Manipur walk the runway at KFL 2015 with top models of the country.

Photo Courtesy :: Daniel Chabungbam