Winter Relief Programme at Patsoi, Imphal and Sugnu , Kakching  :: 17th January 2020

Winter Relief Programme at Patsoi, Imphal and Sugnu , Kakching on 17th January 2020 and 12th January 2020 by Ramakrishna Mission, Imphal

Words from the sender :
On Friday, 17th January 2020, the holy Tithi Puja day (birthday as per Lunar Calendar) of Swami Vivekanandaji Maharaj, the Ramakrishna Mission, Imphal, distributed winter clothing to 793 labourers & workers at a brickfield in Patsoi, Imphal West.

Woollen Sweaters & fabric clothes were provided to 124 females & 669 males were provided with Sweaters & trousers.

Earlier, on Sunday, 12th January 2020, the National Youth Day, as a tribute to Swami Vivekanandaji Maharaj on his 157th Birthday (as per western calendar), we conducted a relief camp at Tangjeng Khunjao, Pangantabi G.P., Sugnu P.S: Kakching Dt., at a distance of about 70 kms from Imphal. Woollen Sweaters were provided to 185 females & 207 males and fabric cloth pieces to 156 minors (69 boys & 86 girls) belonging to 144 economically backward families.

With this, we have come to the end of our winter relief programme. In all 3000 woollen sweaters & 500 woollen blankets, worth Rs.12, 91,000/-, were distributed in this winter season to the poor & needy.

Picture Credit :: Ramakrishna Mission, Imphal